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Hi ,

So as far as the title says I had a great deal on a ej257 when my motor blew. its been over 2 years since I had the chance to work on the car cause work, newborn ect.

So I did all the swap ( harness throttle body ect) my main issue here is my phone deleted all the pictures I took when i took it apart.. luckily I had my parts labeled but I did put my motor in the car and Im Having issue locating all the hose and sensors....

I know I got a long way to go and this build is driving me nuts whiteout having any friends or someone I can rely on .....

I had someone to guide me trough this process but unfortunately past away, I'm asking for help of the community anyone that would of done a similar swap or have experience on doing so.

Dont want no silly reply I am willing to pay someone to guide me trough this build.
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