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My car has been to 4 different mechanic shopss 2 being reputable Subaru tuning shops and no one can figure it out so it starts off like this

one day I was driving and I felt this weird bumping loose feelin under my left foot I try not to over think it bc well most of us do but it got worse to the point that I felt like the thing was going to fall off it was that bad. So I jack it up to take a look and… noting not a fuckjng thing axel boot control arms end links coil all hood i bolt it back on and I start driving again feels like it legit gonna come off so I take to you the first tuning shop they can find absolutely nothing wrong with the car I’m thinking that’s nuts so I pick it up it feels fine for about 10miles then itfeels like it’sgonna roll off my car and hit a pedestrian so I get out and look and boom grease in the wheel ok axel boot went duhh right ? So I get a new axel on anda alignment everything’s good for about 2 days then instead of it just being my axel the whole car felt like it was gonn snap and it’s pulling to one side then another then I get the same thing with the left front axel no check engin car runs great it’s just higher on one side pullsall over so I think coil overs so I adjusted them same thing then got brand new fortion auto coil overs and put those on and notices that the read passanger side coil over had a slight bend in it so I think im
A genius I figured it out. No I didn’t bc same thing but worse so I got to the next mechanic said alignment check the frame sub frame motor and trans mounts I ain’t gonna like I was sweating bc I was sure it was frame damage and nothing said we can’t find anything wrong I asked did you check everything I said they said yea and some we checked diffs everything. I take the car and it’s fine for about 10 miles then same thing but now I got slop in my shifter like more then ever and I got a bang in the rear but they said nothing wrong so I think I must be nuts so I put in all Cusco braces I already have Perrin pitch stop motor and trans mounts and im
Driving and it’s worse then ever cars pulling and now at thins point the car is shaking at idle and the vibration in the floor is worse then before so I take it to yet another shop this one being highly recommended and viewed as one of the best on the east coast and guess what ? You probably guessed it nothing wrong with the car im not a noobie I pretty experienced this being my second sti and I have about 70 k into this car it’s a 17 sti limited with I’ll just name suspension

reont lower control arms with anti lift bushing rear lowe control arms anti lift bushings adjustable toe arms trailing Arms and lateral likes rear diff brace with torch solutions lock down and bushing rear sub frame brace and lock down Cusco rear power rear lower arm brace rear cross member centerfloor brace front lower arm bar brace front side brace front cross member brace Perrin pitch stop and pitchstop brace withPerrin motor and trans mounts And oh yea the last shop also said no frame or sub frame damage I’d loveto hear what you think bc im scratching my head
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