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Just as an FYI, i have seen no threads about this so i figured i would share to save some troubleshooting/frustration or compare experiences

I have an 09 DGM WRX, OEM Deck non-nav and the OEM ipod interface kit.

Tested and working with iPhone 4 (os 4, 5, 6) using a griffin power adapter for charging as well as my old 3g.

I've switched to an iPhone 5 and just picked up a Lightning to 30 pin cord. The deck picks it up, charges (if the other adapter is inline) and shows Attached. Music playback does not start, no playlist selection is available. If you toggle the music app it flickers between the Accessory Connected screen and the standard music screen.

If you start a track playing prior to hooking up, the track will continue to "play" no audio will come out.

Tested with and without the power adapter, same behavior It feels like a software issue, but @ $45 for the cord (in Canada i'm taking it back and will retest. For now i pulled up the console and ran an aux cord up and into the dash for quick connection at the front of the car.
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