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So Ive got one of these going on my local forum ( so I thought I would start one up here.

Feel free to ask me any questions about the mods I've got, and opinions of my car (good or bad) are always welcome.

My goal is around 350-400whp for my DD map, and 400-450whp on e85 for my race map.

Car just underwent a full motor build at Outback Automotive getting forged internals, Bouch Dominator 1.5XTR, and supporting mods.

Currently broken in and street tuned. Dyno tune soon to come!!

WRB 2008 WRX 5-Door Premium

Bought July '08 brand new

Mods -

--Engine & Power--

- JE FSR Pistons
- Crower Billet Rods
- Blouch Dominator 1.5XTR
- ACT 6-Puck Clutch
- AVO Turbo Inlet Hose
- TurboXS FMIC
- TurboXS Intake
- DW 1300cc Injectors
- DW 300LPH Fuel Pump
- Extra Bawler Valve Cut + PnP Heads
- Invidia Divorced Catless DP
- Invidia N1 Street Catback
- GrimmSpeed PnP/Coated Headers
- Grimmspeed Electronic Boost Control Solenoid
- GrimmSpeed Blue Ceramic Coated UpPipe w/ Dump Tube
- Tial 38mm External Wastegate
- Turbosmart Dual Pass Hybrid BPV
- GimmSpeed Air/Oil Separator
- Gates Racing Timing Belt
- '07 STi AVCS Oil Line
- SS Turbo Oil Feed Line
- Stainless Steel Clutch Line
- ACL Head Studs
- ACL Race Bearings
- Killer B Oil Pickup/Crank Scraper
- Killer B Oil Baffle
- 11mm Oil Pump

--Suspension & Brakes--

- RalliTek 22mm Front and 19mm Rear Swaybars
- RalliTek Front and Rear Endlinks
- RalliTek Springs
- Perrin PSRS/Anti-Lift Kit
- Whiteline Roll Center Kit
- EBC GD Series Slotted/Dimpled Front Brake Rotors
- Hawk HPS Front Brake Pads
- Stainless Steel Brake Lines
- 18x7.5 PIAA Sport Mesh w/ Goodyear Eagle F1 A/S 225/40/18

--Interior & Exterior--

- Seibon Carbon Fiber STI Wing
- Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop
- JNA Performance Front Lip
- MadDad Boost Gauge
- Rallysportdirect Gauge Pod
- Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar/Laser Detector
- Escort ZR-4 Integrated Laser Shifter
- Cobb Shift Knob
- JL Cleansweep
- MTX 500x1 Monoblock Amp
- Eclipse 1500W Sub-Woofer
- Tinted Tails
- Hood Scoop Mesh
- Hella Supertones
- 3M "Dry Carbon" Goodies
- WRX License Plate Frame
- Ikea Mudflaps
- 5,000K 35w Apexcone HID Lowbeams
- 25,000K 35w Apexcone HID Fog Lights
- 20% Tint
- Debadged Rear Hatch


- Kartboy Short Shifter
- Kartboy Front and Rear Shifter Bushings
- Group-N Transmission Mount
- Group-N Motor Mounts
- STI Pitch Stopper
- Whiteline Rear Diff Positive Power Kit
- Whiteline Crossmember Bushings

Pending Install -

- Perrin Fuel Rails
- EBC Redstuff Rear Brake Pads

Planned Mods -

- Line-X Paint Job
- Powdercoated Rims
- TGV Deletes
- Whiteline Front Gearbox Positive Shift Kit
- Whiteline Rear Subframe Lockdown Kit
- Whiteline Rear Subframe Positive Traction Kit
- Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings
- Whiteline Rear Trailing Arm Bushings
- Whiteline 22mm Adjustable Rear Swaybar w/ Braces
- Rear Brake Rotors (Possibly Larger Front Brakes)
- SMY Dual Guage Pod
- LC-1 Wideband Gauge
- Torque Solutions Pitch Stopper
- Aluminum Driveshaft Bushings
- Exhaust Painted Black
- Grilllcraft Mesh Inserts
- HID 55w Highbeams
- Rally Innovations Light Bar w/ Hella 500 HIDS

Previous Mods -

- 18x7.5 Rota Sub-Zeros - Sold
- Toyo Proxes4 225/40/18 - Worn
- General Exclaims 235/40/18 - Backyard Duty
- SPT Cat-Back - Sold
- Cobb Catted DP - Sold
- TurboXS Cat-Back - Traded for Invidia N1 Street
- Sports Grill - Traded for STi Grill
- AVO Medium Ram Intake - Removed due to fitment issues w/ FMIC and Traded for Fuel Rails
- VF-52 w/ Ported Hot Side - Blown/Traded for FMIC
- Cobb Accessport V2 - Sold
- Rallitek Stage 2 AP Road Tune - Upgraded
- Outback Automotive AP Road Tune - Upgraded
- Torqued Performance E85 OS Road Tune - Upgraded

July '08

March '09

April '09

June '09

New stikaz!!!

September '09

Custom Dirt Mod!!!

November '09 (Sorry for the sh**ty cell phone pics)

January '10

April '10

July '10

August '10

July '11


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Re: The Blue Beast's Car Journal

Hey i see your running PIAA sportmesh also !
They look gorgious on a WRB :)

do you have pic with the new rims ?

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Re: The Blue Beast's Car Journal

new pics up! kinda weak cell pics but better than nothing!

I posted up a few of the 3M dry carbon pieces Ive done. You can see where its coming up a little bit in the last pic but i wanted a closeup so you guys could get a better look at it. It looks INCREDIBLE for vinyl. Its textured on the surface and most people dont realize its a sticker until i tell them.

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Re: The Blue Beast's Car Journal

Hey for the carbon sticker where did you get yours.

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Re: The Blue Beast's Car Journal

Hey for the carbon sticker where did you get yours.
I actually bought it in Singapore when I was on a trip over there. I can get you some though. PM me for more info

Is that a WSU sticker on the rear?
Yessir. GF is a current student and my dad's alumni so I decided to slap it on there. Good eye!

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Re: The Blue Beast's Car Journal

looks real good.. i wish i could find an 09+ grille for cheap.. grr.. ended up customizing my 08 grille and painted the rear chrome matte black.. i was thinking what it would look like if i blacked out my tail lights along with the chrome strip.. now i know!! thanks!! ;D 08 WRB HB ftw!

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Re: The Blue Beast's Car Journal

You live in Seattle or country livin' outside the city? Do the po-lice bother you much with the blacked out tails? It seems like cops in the city would have better things to do.
I had dark tinted covers on my liscence plates and as soon as I left Portland for Hood River a statie got me on I-84!

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Re: The Blue Beast's Car Journal

I lived in belltown awhile but mostly in kent. driven everywhere from portland to denver, been pulled over a good number of times and have never had a cop say a single thing to me about my tint, tail lights, or exhaust. Maybe ive just been lucky?

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Re: The Blue Beast's Car Journal

Bought a Turbosmart dual pass BOV today (TS-0205-1009). Got it for $80! Pics coming once I find a camera

It recircs until it reaches a certain boost pressure, then vents to atmosphere. The required boost pressure is hand adjustable too. Its pretty sweet and sounds pretty rad, but it makes my car backfire and a bit laggy when im smashing. Ill probably do 100% recirc for spirited drives and whatnot and leave it softer for daily driving when I don't get into boost much anyways.

Traded my TurboXS CBE with Super_HKS for his Invidia N1 Street. I LOVE the tone, its pretty loud though.

Installed my Kartboy front and rear shifter bushings the other day as well. They didn't make nearly the difference I was hoping for, but they did stiffen things up a bit. Shifting feels crisper now.

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Re: The Blue Beast's Car Journal

looks real nice I likey the Rally pig top sticker ;D

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Re: The Blue Beast's Car Journal

Thanks! Its easily +5whp lol

Oh I forgot to add I relocated my supertones and painted them blue. I need to find someone with a camera so I can post some updated pics. Hopefully gonna paint the rims black this week too.
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