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Should I get a WRX

  • Trade or sell the Prius and get the WRX; don't worry about the gas, since you can afford it

  • Trade or sell both the Prius and Miata and get the WRX

  • Keep both the Prius and Miata, wait for spring and the Miata will scratch the itch

  • Other

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Hi All. New member, first post. A little background:
I've been driving stick my whole life; I'm 45 now. Here's a brief automotive history:
  1. 1985 Honda CRX HF (bought used in '94 w/124k)
  2. 1998 Honda Civic CX
  3. 2005? Toyota Matrix XR
  4. 2010 Miata
  5. 2012 Honda Accord EX (had my daughter)
  6. 2018 Toyota Prius (current, first auto)
  7. 2000 Miata (current)
The Prius is my first automatic. It is super-efficient, and being an automatic, very low stress in traffic. Not that slow either, but nowhere near as fun to drive as the Accord was; it doesn't really handle. At all. The Miata is stored now for the winter and I'm about to blow my brains out, due to boredom.

I live in Wisconsin, so I started justifying a WRX to myself because the AWD would occasionally come in handy. Also, they're properly quick, and I've never had a car that was properly quick. (I have had several motorcycles that were, but I've given than up until my daughter hits college)

I'm hesitating though because:
A) Subarus are just not as reliable as Toyotas and Hondas, and
B) The fuel economy is awful. I can afford the gas, but I think it would always bother me a bit, knowing it literally uses more than twice the gas as the Prius
C) My dad had an Impreza wagon a decade or so ago and it had constant problems with the brakes dragging.

WRX seems to be in a class of 1, for a sporty, affordable AWD compact sedan. I think the only thing that could touch it would be a used Audi, and I don't want to get enslaved by German maintenance and parts costs.

I'm also thinking of a Civic Si; always wanted one of those and I'm a bit of a Honda fan. Si is all-around more practical, still fun to drive, just not as good in the snow and not as much of a fire-breather as the WRX.

I can get a good price for my Prius, either sold privately or traded in, (gas keeps going up) but I'll likely get raped on the WRX new.

What are your thoughts? Buy the WRX or hold out for spring until I get the Miata on the road again?

Other? One person suggested trading both the Prius and Miata in on the WRX. The WRX will handily outperform the Miata, but the Miata has that special something, being a proper little roadster. On the other hand, if I traded the Miata and didn't have a 22 year old car to maintain, (not that it's bad) I would never have to question the extra expense of the WRX.

My fiancée wants me to get an automatic or at least a manually-shiftable auto. I'm not excited about that prospect, just to satisfy her on the odd times she needs to drive my car. (She can drive stick badly and hates it.)
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