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Hi, I've come across an STI that is the right color, year, options, mileage and price.
Here's the problem -
The questionable - car has replaced New front rotors and brakes, possibly new wheels. The car has 29,000 miles on it.

The good - taken to the Subaru dealer showing all factory equipment and no engine mods including boost/fuel-air tuning (at least not currently). The car warranty is still in effect. Cosmetically it is in excellent shape. Carmax shows no accidents. Seller is a dealer.

Should I
A) avoid this like the plaque - how hard you driving to go thru Brenbro brakes in 29,000 miles

B) Be careful - have <blank> checked. Don't buy if blah-blah-blah

C) grab it, it most likely superficial damage.

Thanks gang!
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