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There is a reason that WRXs, not only don't come with a TT (turbo timer) but they don't even list a cool down procedure in the owner's manual... It's really not needed and hasn't been for years. There isn't anything wrong with installing a TT on a basically stock WRX but the value is largely a perceived one. I'm sure most vendors that sell TTs will tell you it's a great investment but Subaru says otherwise.

June 2001 TechTIPS published by Subaru for Subaru Technicians states:

FHI's position regarding this is that it is not necessary to perform a "cool down/idling" procedure, as was recommended with past turbo models. Our current turbo engine has a far greater cooling capacity and, coupled with technology advances, makes this practice no longer necessary. This explains why information about cool down is not included in the 2002MY Impreza Owner's Manual.

The heat contained in the turbo charger will begin to vaporize the coolant at the turbo charger after the engine is stopped. This hot vapor will then enter the coolant reservoir tank which is the highest point of the coolant system. At the same time the vapor exits the turbo charger, coolant supplied from the right bank cylinder head flows into the turbo. This action cools the turbo charger down. This process will continue until the vaporizing action in the turbo charger has stopped or cooled down."

Some info Sourced from Unabomber on Nasioc.​ thread on intall.
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