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In order to steam line the Want to buy forums we are testing a few new things out to see how it works.

I. General Rules

A. Items forbidden to be sold or purchased

i. Pirated Software
ii. CD Keys without included software
iii. Not for Resale or Academic software
iv. Pornography
v. Pyramid, MLM, and contest/giveaway sales
vi. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

B. No feeler, interest, or price checking threads

C. Multiple Threads - Please consolidate threads. Do not post multiple threads for separate items. If you have a multitude of items to sell place them in the same thread. A warning will be sent and repeat offenders will have their threads merged or removed.

D. eBay or other Auctions links - Links to products on eBay or other auction sites will not be tolerated. Items in the buy/sell forum are between community members and we like to give our members first choice on an item for sale.

E. Thread Crapping - Thread crapping is rude and will not be tolerated. If you feel the price is unfair or if you have an issue with the asking price then kindly PM or email the seller to inform them. It will be up to the seller to adjust the price however they see fit.

Wanted to Buy Posts (WTB:) - All items that you are interested in buying should be wanted to buy forum.

Here is an example of a post you can use as a template.

Title of post: WTB: Kens pink barbie car

Name: Keyth aka. ClamsJager
Contact method: Pm or Email at [email protected]

I am looking to buy a good condition to mint condition Kens pink barbie car, prefer with original packaging. Im willing to pay $150 plus shipping. Will entertain offers.
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