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Watch an amazing video of a woman who jumps on her Subaru Outback as carjacker tries to steal it. Reprinted with permission from Watch Amazing Video of Woman Jumping on Her Subaru Outback as Carjacker Tries to Steal it.

An amazing video below shows a 27 year-old woman at a gas station pumping gas into her new Subaru Outback and a carjacker tries to steal it. What happens next is amazing. It’s about 2:00pm in the afternoon in Milwaukee and the woman had just gotten off work. A black Lincoln full of teens pulls in front of the woman’s Subaru wagon and one of the them gets out of the backseat and jumps into her white family Outback. As soon as she’s done pumping the gas, he’s going to drive off. But the bold 27 year-old isn’t going to let that happen.

What happens next is extraordinary. The woman finishes filling up, puts the gas nozzle back in the pump and realizes someone is sitting in the driver’s seat ready to speed off. She immediately jumps on the hood of her car and blocks the windshield. The teen just laughs and tries to drive away.

Should Subaru give her a prize for her dedication?

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