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Items : WRC Spoiler
Material : Fiber.
Price : Changed of pricing. Please PM me for pricing.

Will proceed to order and fabricate once reach 10 person. A deposit of 50% will be required in order to secure the deal. Oversea customers, please pm me for direct liaising. Thank you.


1. Can wiper still be use?

NO. But will reconfirm again as we know some ppl like to have wiper.

2. Can nozzle still be use?
Since wiper cannot be use, having a nozzle will be of no use.

3. Any drilling of glass?

3. It is blocking the rear view?
Please see picture attached below. what you seeing in the picture. That is the lower part of the wing. the upper part is above and cannot be seen.

4. If i already got STI spoiler, can STI spoiler still remain while WRC spoiler is a add on?
NO, STI spoiler needs to be remove because they are both using the same securing place.

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