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Hi Guy's,

New to forum, new to WRXs... learnt a lot in 3 months!

Cut to the chase, does anyone know the stock size of the restrictor pill in a WRX 2010 HATCH EJ255 VF52?

my story goes like this.... bought the car 3 months ago, 85000KMS, completely stock. No boost gauge. test drove it once, was a rocket (in my view at the time), bought it that day.

Not knowing sh$t about ANY kind of car engine, inspired and motivated me to DIY some servicing on it myself. Started with basic oil changes to installation of brake pads, radiator, short shifter, led lights, sub-woofer (under seat). All this was doing was filling the void, that car never hits target boost. I ended up getting a cobb AP plus a mechanical boost gauge and would hit 7psi really quick then completely struggle.

Took it to subaru, $2k later, no worries ash, she'll hit 10psi all day. Disagreed with them, told them stock was at least 13 psi, agreed to disagree. Target boost stage 1 HWG 91 is approx. 16psi. So, checked for leaks, nothing, tested stock solenoid, working fine, cleaned it anyway, checked BPV, all gravy there, restrictor pill, yep saw the lump, no sweat... next was looking at changing the actuator spring or a 3 port solenoid. I didn't want to do either and couldn't afford a compression test at the time.

Pulled the vac line on the wastegate and see if she hits boost. Bang! 18psi! Hopped off the throttle so I don't blow the engine or turbo and nursed her boost free home just in case. Thought, good time to check restrictor pill, it didn't have one. Not knowing the correct mm size, thought bigger hole, safer so ordered a 1.2mm, got boost to 12psi!!!!!

but, still under target. Could not find any smaller size restrictor pills in Australia, well none that would take min. 2 months to recieve (Japan). After attending several wreckers, none would sell me the vac line with pill unless I also bought the turbo lol but I get why also, so fair enough. So, I can't believe what I used and what I done and what I achieved for $4! A lot more to the story, if I get a few replies to continue, I will :cool:
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