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STi swappers & recent abandoned STi swap projects! Listen up!

Doing an STi manifold & TMIC swap into my '08. Decided to do the deed & learn as I go but eventually end up with a FMIC which I have some parts for already. Looking for 04 ~ 07 STi items for all. If provision for meth is installed that's a plus!

Items I need (good-used preferred*):
1. TMIC & all hardware/brackets/Y-pipe/couplings/clamps - I would prefer a larger than stock STi unit but not above $300-
2. Perrin recirc BOV base for 04 ~ 07 STi TMIC (Perrin said this is all I need to convert my existing '08 Perrin BOV)
3. BOV recirc hose & clamps - Samco would be nice but not dead-set
4. STi turbo inlet hose - OEM fine but others let me know, prefer black
5. APS large cast Y-pipe & hose kit - Nice addition & may have to work out TMIC parts deal if I come across one of these.
6. STi TMIC cross-over pipes for coolant/vacuum with hoses too
7. STi TMIC Y-pipe gaskets (*NEW)
8. SAMCO hose kit - This depends on my decision on TMIC purchase & if an APS Y-pipe becomes available. If I do this I prefer can die in a fire.

If anyone has leads please reply to this thread email me with pictures jmun671(at) or PM me. I prefer PayPal & USPS Priority shipping only. I've already posted this on NASIOC and . Thanks everyone & don't try to change my mind! ;D I know about the cost per/hp & fabrication hassles etc etc....I need more car bonding time with my boys & this gives me the perfect excuse to spend alot of time with them around their favorite car......well, at least until we have all the other stuff to do the FMIC.

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