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hey guys, i am looking to trade a bunch of RC stuff, a video camera, or a Never summer longboard for your car parts.
i have a
1)Airtronics M8 with 2 receivers one synthesized
2)XXX-NT AD1, with a 94360 servo and .12 o.s motor
3) Starter Box
3) FT Rc18t
4) Never SUmmer Longboard
5) and the original E-MAxx

let me know if you want pics. my email is [email protected]. or you can also pm me

some things i am looking for are

1) catless downpipe
2) custom exhaust for the 2008 sedan
3) short shifter
4) shifter bushings
5) cobb Accesport
6) Cobb or Swift Springs
7) Sway Bars, preferably Rallitek
8) Craftsman tools

let me know guys. thanks
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