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If not allowed please delete or move:
Vf42 twinscroll good for 340-360 whp pump gas
S203/204 group N red inlet and turbo to top mount hose, IC 1000cc top feed
Mishimoto short ram.

Turbo sells for 1800-3200 Usd
Group N stuff - you have to find a collector, a s203/204 title or a company that has access to the group N parts.

Looking for a 400whp on pump set up. Car runs to 8500 with the head work and avcs s203/204 table
Vf42 can make well into 400s on e85 or other higher octane fuels. Comes on like a freight train at 3400~ rpm and holds to almost 8k with minimal tapering up to 8500.

Prefer to keep the header and up pipe for the twinscroll but if a single scroll trade is worth it I can work with you.

Looking to trade for a 3076r TS ,3071r TS, 25g TS, 2971 TS or a blouch 1.5/3.0 xtr TS before I order a bigger turbo

single set ups I’d like to trade for but not limited to :
Fp Red
single scroll 3076/3071
Rotated or stock location is fine, and cash can be added either way. The turbo is rare but is out flowed by a lot of turbos. The group N stuff is popular in Japan but obviously there’s other brands of inlets and top mount hoses. The vf42 is the holy grail other than the rally vf15

If offer a rotated I would need the front mount as well. The twin scroll down pipe and hks silent power is included since I would need a different dp and us length exhaust for single scroll.
Nows your chance to own some jdm Subaru legendary parts
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